Kangaroo Care for Your Premature or Sick Baby
By Kathleen S. Kuhn, RN, BSN, IBCLC, and Megen J. Kuhn, RN, BSN
If your baby is born early or is sick, he or she may
start life in the neonatal intensive care unit of your
hospital. If this happens, you may wonder if you will
be able to breastfeed. Kangaroo care helps you to be
successful breastfeeding your premature or sick baby.
What is kangaroo care?
Kangaroo care, also called skin-to-skin care, is when
you hold your baby naked or in just a diaper on your
bare chest. Holding your baby this way will allow him
or her to get to know you, through your scent, your
touch, your voice, and the feel of your skin.
Who can kangaroo?