e-WABALink • Issue 1/2012 • January – April 2012 WBW 2012
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA)
Issue 1/2012 • January – April 2012
Message from the Editor 1
1. Current News 2
n Breastfeeding can save 22% of newborns
n Breastfeeding for a year cuts cancer risk by a third: research
n Beyonce Knowles breastfeeding baby daughter
while out at lunch
n Baby-Friendly Emirate Campaign launched in Sharjah
n Run for breastfeeding, Philippines
n New breastfeeding stations in Philippines
n Breastfed babies may have diet advantage
n Breastfeeding, Not Formula, for South Africa’s
HIV-Positive Mothers
n Paediatricians reaffirm breastfeeding guidelines
n Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
(CPPCC) member promotes breastfeeding
n Very few low-income moms meet breastfeeding
n Breastfeeding award for maternity service
2. News of Core Partners 6
n Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM)
w The 4th Annual ABM European Meeting
n International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA)
w ILCA Conference 2012
3. News of Task Forces, Regional Focal Points
and Working Groups 6
n WABA Engaging Youth in Breastfeeding Advocacy and
Mobilising through Media and Arts
n News from Men’s Working Group
4. News from Secretariat 7
n Updates on World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2012
n New International Advisory Council Members Appointed
n Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures!
WABA supports IWD 2012 with Statement and
the launch of Celebrating Women video
n WABA joins up with women’s groups in Penang
to promote women through arts
n More videos from WABA
n 2011 ILCA/WABA Fellow
5. WABA Events 9
n WABA Celebrates its 21st Anniversary!
n Enhancing Education in Lactation Management
in the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum Conference
May 2012, Penang
n Breastfeeding Advocacy and Practice Course
October 2012, Penang
Message from the Editor
Welcome to the first issue of e-WABALink for the year
2012. I am Pei Ching, the Health and Information
Officer at the WABA Secretariat. I took up the role
as the editor for e-WABALink as Julianna Lim, the former editor
has left WABA since February this year.
In this issue, you can read many interesting stories under the
current news highlights and updates from the WABA Network
and Secretariat. WABA turns 21 this year and I would like to
wish WABA a very happy birthday. Each birthday is special in
its own way but the 21st birthday has always been marked as
a significant milestone and we hope you will find
creative ways as part of the WABA family to
celebrate this joyous occasion. The Secretariat
held a modest birthday celebration on 28
February 2012 (see full story on page 9)
with our Chairperson Emeritus Anwar Fazal
remembering the achievements of WABA
over the 21 years.
One tree can start a forest,
One smile can start a friendship,
One touch can show love and care,
One organisation like WABA can mobilise
actions to protect, promote and support
breastfeeding worldwide!
Happy Birthday WABA!
We thank you for your continuous support and hope that
you will send us your feedback so that we can improve our
sharing worldwide through e-WABALink.
Pei Ching
Editor, e-WABALink
In thi s issue
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place throughout the year, WABA
maintains a calendar of events
on the WABA website
e-WABALink is a current awareness service
with the mission of sharing news and useful
key documents with its global network of
supporters. The views expressed in the articles
and news links however do not necessarily
reflect the views or policies of WABA or its Core
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e-WABALink • Issue 1/2012 • January – April 2012
1. Current News
Beyonce Knowles
breastfeeding baby
daughter while out
at lunch
Beyonce Knowles seems to have taken her
role as a first-time mother seriously. The
R&B singer, who has just been set to star
in Ryan Murphy’s latest musical project
“One Hit Wonders”, has been spotted
breastfeeding her seven-week-old baby
daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, at her table in a
New York City restaurant recently.
Breastfeeding advocates are rejoicing
and praising Beyonce after the pop star
was spotted breastfeeding her 7-weekold
daughter, Blue Ivy, while dining at
NYC’s Sant Ambroeus restaurant Saturday
with her husband, Jay-Z.
A megastar helps to take away the
stigma of nursing in public, experts said.
And role models are needed to help young
women see the value and the beauty of
breastfeeding, said Dr. Ruth Lawrence,
professor of paediatrics and obstetrics
and gynecology at the University of
Rochester School of Medicine.
“Beyonce appears as a beautiful,
loving new mother,” said Lawrence.
“She has dressed to carry and feed her
baby when needed. She makes a model
Source: Aceshowbiz
ABC News
Breastfeeding for a year cuts cancer risk by a third:
B reastfeeding for at least a
year can cut the chances of
developing breast cancer by
a third in women with a strong family
history of the disease. Women carrying
faulty genes have an almost three in four
chance of developing breast cancer and
feeding their babies naturally is one of
the few ways they can reduce that risk,
researchers have found.
A study has found that women carrying the BRCA1 gene were 32 per cent less
likely to develop breast cancer if they breastfed for at least a year compared with
women with the gene who didn’t. The research conducted by the Women’s Research
Institute in Ontario, Canada, calculated that just five women with the BRCA 1 gene
needed to breastfeed for a year to prevent one developing cancer.
Amongst the general population of healthy women, breastfeeding for a year
reduces the risk of breast cancer by 4.3 per cent, the authors said.
Source: The Telegraph
Breastfeeding can save 22% of newborns
N EW DELHI: Dramatic health benefits have been proven to pass from a
mother to her newborn through breastfeeding. Experts say breastmilk
is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and carries antibodies
from the mother to help the baby combat life-threatening disease.
Swati Popat Vats, President of Early Childhood Association says when a baby
is born, the only organ that is ready but not developed is the brain. Vats
said “A baby is born with trillions of neurons which are not connected. The
neurons require covering of a particular kind of fat which is essential for the
child’s brain to develop. This fat is available in right amounts in the mother’s
breastmilk. Breastmilk also helps build the child’s immune system.” Experts
say nearly two-third of the brain weight is phospholipids and long-chain fatty
acids. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachi-donic acid (AA) are key fatty
acids. Human milk contains 30 times more DHA than cow’s milk. According to
WHO, infants should get 20 mg DHA/kg every day. Breastfed babies have at
least eight points higher IQ in later life as compared to formula-fed babies.
Dr. Arun Gupta, chair of the Global Breastfeeding Initiative for Child Survival
said starting to breastfeed immediately after birth increases chances of
survival of babies. “If mothers start breastfeeding within an hour of birth, 22%
babies who die in the first 28 days (about one million newborns each year)
could be saved.
Source: The Times of India
Beyonce with her daughter, Blue Ivy. Carter
Family/Ed Burke for Photo
The most natural thing in the world’ (ALAMY)
e-WABALink • Issue 1/2012 • January – April 2012
1. Current News
Baby-Friendly Emirate
Campaign launched in
A five-year campaign, titled ‘Sharjah a
Baby Friendly Emirate’, was launched on
Thursday by Shaikha Bodour bint Sultan
Al Qasimi, Patron of the Breastfeeding
Friends (BFF).
Running from 2011 to 2016, the
campaign, the first of its kind in the UAE
and the region, will be accompanied by
four initiatives, the first of which involves
the establishment of ‘Baby-friendly’
healthcare facilities. The second initiative
will focus on the creation of ‘Motherfriendly’
workplaces while the third is
aimed at creating and enhancing Babyfriendly
environments in the Emirate. The
final initiative will look at transforming
childcare centres and nurseries into
baby-friendly places.
Shaikha Bodour said: “This initiative
is set to make Sharjah the region’s top
promoter of breastfeeding, leading the
way in education and support, and also
helping promote related activities across
the region.”
As part of the initiative, Shaikha
Bodour officially opened the Nursing
Mothers’ Room in the Supreme Council
for Family Affairs building — one of the
first establishments to adopt the initiative
of supporting nursing working mothers.
Run For Breastfeeding
MANILA, Philippines – Groups and individuals
who believe in the value of breastfeeding
gathered at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay
City recently for the campaign “Run to save lives! Run
for breastfeeding!” The 5K run and 2K walk event was
aimed to raise awareness on and gather advocates for
the promotion of exclusive breastfeeding for children
0-6 months old and proper infant and young child
feeding practices.
“Breastfeeding can save the life of a child.
Breastfeeding is right or tama. It is right for the health
of a child,” United Nations Resident Coordinator Dr.
Jacqueline Badcock said. “Breastfeeding is sufficient
or sapat – there is no other food that could replace the nutrients of mother’s milk.
Breastfeeding (also) needs to be exclusive.”
“This is the first time that we had a running campaign that focuses on breastfeeding.
More than 1,000 participants who are also advocates of breastfeeding joined this
historic event,” said Assistant Secretary Maria-Bernardita Flores, Executive Director of
the National Nutrition Council. She added that “Breastfeeding is the best anti-poverty
and anti-hunger strategy which is why it is so important for mothers to breastfeed.”
Source: Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation
New breastfeeding stations in Philippines
In San Fernando City, a breastfeeding station at the City Hall was recently
opened to answer this primal need. Mayor Oscar Rodriguez said, “This
is one way of encouraging Fernandinas to breastfeed their child as it is
proven to improve child’s survival.”
In Quezon City, the city government has put up a breastfeeding station
within the city hall compound to provide a venue for its employees and
visitors to nourish their babies even during office hours. This was learned
after Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte officially opened
the breastfeeding station as part of the city’s celebration of Women’s Month
and its campaign to promote breastfeeding among mothers and even in
Source: Journal online
Shaikha Bodour bint Sultan, President of the
Sharjah Baby Friendly Campaign (SBFC)
Source: Khaleej Times Online
Sharjah City Guide
e-WABALink • Issue 1/2012 • January – April 2012
Breastfed babies may have diet advantage
Babies who only consume breastmilk in their first six months grow into less
picky eaters as toddlers, according to research from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign.
Juhee Kim of the University’s kinesiology and community health department
looked at data from nutrition surveys of 129 mothers to determine whether the
amount of breast-feeding and the introduction of solid foods influenced preschoolers’
food choices.
Kim and her partners found that toddlers who had been exclusively breastfed
for six months were 81 percent less likely to reject foods compared with other preschoolers.
The children also were less likely to prefer food that was prepared one way
over any other and are more willing to try a variety of foods.
The flavor of breastmilk can vary depending on the mother’s diet and researchers
believe that breastfed babies develop a more varied palate because of the changes in
taste. It’s also thought to be the reason why children initially prefer the popular foods
of their culture.
The researchers also found a correlation between children’s eating habits and the
time when they were first fed solid foods. Babies who started eating solids before 4
months old were nearly four times more likely to eat a limited diet or develop a fear of
new foods as toddlers. Babies who started eating solids before 6 months were more
than twice as likely to reject new foods later. Kim’s study was published in the Journal
of the American Dietetic Association last fall.
Source: Tulsa World